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Producer Blog - Taming Pets and Enchant!

Hi Maplers,

It's me, Cuddles, back with a quick blog update about what's in store for Closed Beta 2. Today I'll be covering the new Taming Combat Pets system and improvements to Gear Enchantment! Let's dive right in!!

Taming Combat Pets

Do you want to be the very best... like no Mapler ever was? Of course you do! Now you can be the best with the Combat Pet Taming system. During the first Closed Beta, all the available pets were cute and cuddly... but that's kinda all they were there for. Now when you tame pets in Maple World they will actually fight beside you.

Level 50 Maplers can begin taming monsters around the world with the "Hungry" tag. Monsters have a sweet tooth, and you'll need candy to entice them so they'll let their guard down and approach you. Monsters are picky about their candies, so you will need different types to keep them happy!


Once you have fed them enough, you can place a trap on the ground to ensnare them!

YAY! A new battle buddy to fight by your side. Combat pets can level up and get stronger. They also provide benefits such as auto loot and auto potions while they're by your side, and you can also fuse multiple pets together to level them up faster.

As you level up your taming mastery, you can craft stronger traps and start collecting even rarer pets. As a completionist myself... I gotta tame 'em all! Plus they are too cute not to collect.

Gear Enchanting Improvements

Many Maplers gave great suggestions on the enchantment system, and after much deliberation with our team, we present to Maplers a revamped enchantment system during Closed Beta 2!

Unlike the first Closed Beta, you can attempt to enchant your gear up to +15 instead of just +9. In addition, you can now enchant hats, gloves, and shoes as well. Enchanting your gear will also allow you to add bonus stats onto your equipment.

We also enhanced some features to Ophelia's Enchantment. In order to upgrade your gear, the same type of gear is required starting from +10 to +11. Using the same gear increases the success rate as well. Also, everytime you fail you can get enchantment charges which you can use to increase your success rate the next time you want to enchant your gear.

If you want a surefire way to +1 your gear, Peachy's Enchantment is now available in Closed Beta 2. Using this grants you a guaranteed success rate to +1 your gear. However, you must obtain materials from adventure dungeons in order to use it, and the materials are a bit more costly. Unlike Ophelia's Enchantment, you don't need the same gear to enchant gear with Peachy.

Looking to boost your gear straight to +10? Now you you can craft Enchant runes which can increase gear automatically to +10. Crafting these runes will require quite a bit of materials to gather in order to create, though.

Give the new enchanting features a try for yourself during Closed Beta 2 and let us know what you think!

Can you believe we're only a few days away from Closed Beta 2?! I am super stoked and I can't wait to see you all in-game. Be on the lookout for feedback threads about the new features and changes as our ears are always open to your suggestions.

See you in Closed Beta 2, Maplers!

~ Community Manager Cuddles