Joddy Squad

What is Joddy Squad?

Joddy Squad is a special group composed by MapleStory 2 fans who have shown great knowledge of the game, incredible creativity and are creating video content to engage with other Maplers! Learn more about Joddy Squad below!

Featured Channel

Joddy Squad Community Events

Joddy Squad does more than just play MapleStory 2 for you to enjoy, they also occasionally spin their creative wheels to create fun games for you and your fellow Maplers to enjoy on-stream! Take a peek at some of the exciting events that Joddy Squad put together in the Joddy Squad Community Events YouTube Playlist below!

Check out all of Joddy's favorite content creators below, and see some of them in the Premiere Event video below!

Joddy Squad Details

Qualification Criteria

To become Joddy Squad member, your channel must:

  • Have created MapleStory 2 content in the last month
  • Contain high-quality content that engages with the MapleStory 2 community  

Requirements for Acceptance: (this won't be applied to already accepted members)
Twitch: 50 avg. viewers in past 30 days
YouTube: 5K subscribers, 10k avg. views in past 30 days

Requirements for remaining Joddy Squad status:
Twitch: 4 streams a month for status
YouTube: 2 videos a month for status

Requirements for monthly rewards:
Twitch: 8 streams a month for 50,000 NX + perks & opportunities
YouTube: 4 videos a month for 50,000 NX + perks & opportunities

Your channel cannot:

  • Violate, or promote the violation of MapleStory 2's Terms of Service, Nexon America's Influencer Policy or Joddy Squad Rules, which you agree to by becoming a Joddy Squad member.
  • Contain illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic or other offensive material

*Currently, Joddy Squad is run as a closed program with no sign-up process however, we are working to open the sign-up process in December.
*Joddy Squad accepted prior to the official launch were accepted based on their dedication during Closed Betas not based on above criteria.


Monthly Requirements

A review will be conducted at the end of every month, with the results being distributed via email on the first business day of the following month.

To remain within Joddy Squad and receive monthly rewards, you must:

  • Twitch: Create MS2 content at least 8 times a month (~2 times a week)
  • YouTube: Create MS2 content at least 4 times a month (~1 time a week)


As a Joddy Squad, you will receive, at Nexon's sole discretion, the following support for your channel:

  • 7 Joddy Squad exclusive in-game items


Insignia MarkName Tag BadgeChat BubbleJoddy Squad Hat
Joddy Squad T-ShirtJoddy Squad BalloonInternet Celebrity Emote


  • 50,000 NX as monthly rewards (Monthly)
  • 2,000 merets as a welcome gift (One-Time)
  • MS2 or Joddy Squad Merch for special occasions
  • A link to your Twitch / YouTube channel on Joddy Squad Webpage
  • Giveaways to support the growth of your channel
  • The chance to be featured on the  MapleStory 2 official Twitch channel

MapleStory 2 Premiere Event Recap

See some of your favorite Joddy Squad members in the MapleStory 2 Premiere Event Recap video!