Style Crate Contents

Each Style Crate contains a curated selection of 100 equippable outfit items, including shirts, shoes, weapons, rings, hats and much more. Each item has an identical 1% chance of being awarded from the Style Crate, regardless of the type of item.

The awarded item is based on the current character's gender (ie: a male character might get a suit, while a female character might get a dress). Additionally, if you get a Weapon Box, opening it will reward you with a Weapon Skin for your current character's Job. Items from the Style Crate cannot be sold or traded to other players, but can be placed in the bank and thus given to other characters on the same account.

Current Crate Duration: End of Maintenance, Wednesday, Oct. 10th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th

Table of Contents

October 2018 Style Crate Contents

Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Studded Leather Cap Studded Leather Cap
Top Studded Leather Jacket (F) Studded Leather Jacket (M)
Bottom Studded Leather Pants (F) Studded Leather Pants (M)
Gloves Studded Leather Gloves (F) Studded Leather Gloves (M)
Boots Studded Leather Boots (F) Studded Leather Boots (M)


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Twinkle Star Beret Twinkle Star Beret
Suit Twinkle Star School Uniform (F) Twinkle Star School Uniform (M)
Shoes Twinkle Star School Shoes (F) Twinkle Star School Shoes (M)
Eyewear Thick-Rimmed Glasses Thick-Rimmed Glasses
Face Student's Pencil Student's Pencil
Weapon Twinkle Star Weapon Set Twinkle Star Weapon Set


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Military Helmet Military Helmet
Suit Military Uniform (F) Military Uniform (M)
Gloves Military Gloves (F) Military Gloves (M)
Shoes Military Boots (F) Military Boots (M)
Cape Military Rucksack Military Rucksack
Eyewear Tinted Round Glasses Tinted Round Glasses


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Flight Attendant Hat Flight Attendant Hat
Top Flight Attendant Jacket (F) Flight Attendant Jacket (M)
Bottom Flight Attendant Skirt (F) Flight Attendant Pants (M)
Shoes Flight Attendant Shoes (F) Flight Attendant Shoes (M)


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Classic Hair Ribbon Classic Hair Ribbon
Suit Pure Ribbon Frill Dress (F) Casual Overalls (M)
Gloves Simple Frilled Band (F) Double-Strap Watch (M)
Shoes Ribbon Strap Sandals (F) Simple Strap Sandals (M)
Cape Angel's Whisper Angel's Whisper
Face Big Bubble Gum Big Bubble Gum
Weapon Duckling Weapon Box Duckling Weapon Box


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Kissy Cat Ears Kissy Cat Ears
Suit Kissy Casual Shirt (F) Kissy Casual Shirt (M)
Gloves Kissy Bell Rings (F) Kissy Bell Rings (M)
Shoes Kissy Heart Sandals (F) Kissy Heart Sandals (M)


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Blood Requiem Horns Blood Requiem Horns
Suit Blood Requiem Dress (F) Blood Requiem Coat (M)
Gloves Blood Requiem Gloves (F) Blood Requiem Gloves (M)
Shoes Blood Requiem Boots (F) Blood Requiem Boots (M)


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Sepia Headwings Sepia Headwings
Suit Holy Seraphim Dress (F) Holy Seraphim Coat (M)
Gloves Holy Seraphim Vambraces (F) Holy Seraphim Vambraces (M)
Shoes Holy Seraphim Boots (F) Holy Seraphim Boots (M)
Weapon Holy Seraphim Weapon Set Holy Seraphim Weapon Set


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Sheep Towel Hat Sheep Towel Hat
Suit Ducky Sauna Towel (F) Ducky Sauna Towel (M)
Gloves Sauna Key (F) Sauna Key (M)
Shoes Downy Slippers (F) Downy Slippers (M)
Cape Wispy Fairy Wings Wispy Fairy Wings
Face Passionate Rose Passionate Rose


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Lovely Bunny Hat Lovely Bunny Hat
Suit Lovely Bunny Suit (F) Lovely Bunny Suit (M)
Gloves Lovely Bunny Gloves (F) Lovely Bunny Gloves (M)
Shoes Lovely Bunny Shoes (F) Lovely Bunny Shoes (M)
Cape Perky Balloon Poodle Perky Balloon Poodle


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Personal Rain Cloud Personal Rain Cloud
Suit Strap Swimsuit (F) Tropical Swimsuit (M)
Shoes Teddy Slippers (F) Teddy Slippers (M)
Cape Iris Fairy Wings Iris Fairy Wings


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Hip Hop Beanie Hip Hop Beanie
Top Rainbow Hoodie (F) Rainbow Hoodie (M)
Bottom Black Skinny Pants (F) Black Skinny Pants (M)
Gloves Sporty Watch Sporty Watch
Shoes Party Horn Party Horn


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Winner Cap Winner Cap
Top Checkered Scarf T-Shirt (F) Checkered Scarf T-Shirt (M)
Bottom Leather Skinny Pants (F) Leather Skinny Pants (M)
Gloves Rubber Gloves Rubber Gloves
Shoes Skull Hiking Boots (F) Skull Hiking Boots (M)
Cape Lucifer Wings Lucifer Wings


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Top Formal Top (F) Formal Top (M)
Bottom Formal Skirt (F) Formal Pants (M)
Gloves Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves
Shoes Kitty Slippers (F) Kitty Slippers (M)
Cape Angel Wings Angel Wings


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Perion Feather Hat Perion Feather Hat
Suit Perion Traditional Garb (F) Perion Traditional Garb (M)
Gloves Perion Leather Bracelet (F) Perion Leather Bracelet (M)
Shoes Perion Leather Sandals (F) Perion Leather Sandals (M)
Earrings Perion Feather Earrings Perion Feather Earrings


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head French Fry Hat French Fry Hat
Suit Fast Food Uniform (F) Fast Food Uniform (M)
Gloves Fast Food Cuffs (F) Fast Food Cuffs (M)
Shoes Fast Food Uniform Shoes (F) Fast Food Uniform Shoes (M)
Cape Hamburger Bag Hamburger Bag


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Suit Tree Frog Raincoat (F) Tree Frog Raincoat (M)
Head Tree Frog Hat Tree Frog Hat
Gloves Frog-and-Clover Ring (F) Frog-and-Clover Ring (M)
Shoes Tree Frog Rain Boots (F) Tree Frog Rain Boots (M)


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Brass Stud Cap Brass Stud Cap
Suit Brass Stud Dress (F) Brass Stud Suit (M)
Gloves Brass Stud Gloves (F) Brass Stud Gloves (M)
Shoes Brass Stud Shoes (F) Brass Stud Shoes (M)
Cape Iron Wings Iron Wings
Earrings Brass Stud Earrings Brass Stud Earrings


Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale Item
Head Glossy Heart Antennae Glossy Heart Antennae
Face Pinwheel Pinwheel
Head William Tell's Apple William Tell's Apple
Face Cat Paw Eye Patch Cat Paw Eye Patch
Head Panda Straw Hat Panda Straw Hat
Face Carrot Nose Carrot Nose
Head Big Beret Big Beret
Face Skull Mask Skull Mask

Style Coin Shop

Unwanted Style Crate items can be taken to an Item Extractor and converted into Style Coins, which can be spent in the Style Coin Shop on a variety of items, including exclusive outfits, instruments, emotes, weapon skins, badges and more. The amount of coins you earn from dismantling Style Crate items will vary from item to item, and any coins you gain will remain usable when the Style Coin Shop gains new items.

Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale ItemCost
Full Outfit Pumpkin Witch Outfit Package Pumpkin Witch Outfit Package 76 Coins
Headgear Pumpkin Witch Hat (F) Pumpkin Witch Hat (M) 21 Coins
Suits Pumpkin Witch Coat (F) Pumpkin Witch Coat (M) 42 Coins
Gloves Pumpkin Witch Ring (F) Pumpkin Witch Ring (M) 7 Coins
Shoes Pumpkin Witch Shoes (F) Pumpkin Witch Shoes (M) 7 Coins
Cape Pumpkin Witch Wings (F) Pumpkin Witch Wings (M) 7 Coins


The Pumpkin Witch Outfit Package contains all five Pumpkin Witch Outfit items, at a 10% discount. The Wings will give a sparkling glow around your character, and equip all five outfit items for a special set of animations!

Outfit SlotFemale ItemMale ItemCost
Weapon Halloween Weapon Box Halloween Weapon Box 35 Coins
Full Outfit Funky Cowboy Package Funky Cowboy Package 50 Coins
Headgear Funky Cowboy Hat (F) Funky Cowboy Hat (M) 14 Coins
Suits Funky Cowboy Dress (F) Funky Cowboy Suit (M) 28 Coins
Gloves Funky Cowboy Gloves (F) Funky Cowboy Gloves (M) 5 Coins
Shoes Funky Cowboy Boots (F) Funky Cowboy Boots (M) 5 Coins
Cape Cactus Balloon (F) Cactus Balloon (M) 4 Coins
Earrings Funky Cowboy Star Earrings (F) Funky Cowboy Star Earrings (M) 4 Coins


The Funky Cowboy Outfit Package contains all six Funky Cowboy Outfit items, at a 10% discount.

Item TypeItem NameCost
Ground Mount Perion Mammoth 21 Coins


Item TypeItem NameCost
Buddy Badge Chest Jack-o'-Lantern Buddy Badge Chest 7 Coins
Buddy Emote Fist Bump Buddy Emote 7 Coins


Item TypeItem NameCost
Tombstone Badge Jack-o'-Lantern Tombstone 4 Coins
Fishing Badge Tranquil Tent Fishing Badge 4 Coins
Fishing Badge Halloween Fishing Badge 4 Coins


Item TypeItem NameCost
Instrument Magic Broom Electric Guitar 7 Coins
Instrument Fire Axe Bass Guitar 7 Coins
Instrument Pumpkin Drums 7 Coins


Item TypeItem NameCost
Emote Shade Emote 2 Coins
Emote Summon Spirit Emote 2 Coins


Item TypeItem NameCost
Damage Skin Badge Will-o'-Wisp Damage Skin 4 Coins
Swim Tube Badge Haughty Flamingo Swim Tube 4 Coins
Emote Zombie Dance Emote 2 Coins
Utility Glamour Anvil 7 Coins


Glamour Anvils can be used to create an Outfit item with the appearance of one of your Gear items without destroying the gear, so that you can keep the appearance of a sharp-looking item while using your most powerful equipment!