Join in on the Road Trip and earn permanent rewards!
MapleStory 2 is on its way to Closed Beta, and we need you to help spread the word and get everyone there in style! Complete the activities listed below, and make sure to check back regularly as new activities will periodically unlock.
How to Get Your Rewards
  1. Click on any of the activities you have completed below to track your progress and see your earned rewards. Make sure to complete everything before May 6th!
  2. When Closed Beta begins on May 9th, log in to MapleStory 2 and create a character and the rewards will be automatically delivered.
  3. You’ll automatically receive these rewards again when you create a character with the same Nexon account when the game officially launches!
  4. For those who may not be selected as Closed Beta players, do not worry! You’ll also get these rewards permanently sent to your account when the game officially launches!
Activities and RewardsEarned
Note: Status is updated once per day at 10:00 AM Pacific time.