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Closed Beta Survey Winners

As part of the first Closed Beta, we asked our Beta Testers to give us a hand and submit their feedback about what they liked, what they loved and what they loathed in their first look at MapleStory 2. We've spent the last couple months looking over your feedback and using it to make MapleStory 2 a better game, and we'd like to recognize the following 20 players that gave us high-quality feedback. Each player will be receiving 2,000 Red Merets when MapleStory 2 officially launches as a 'thank you' for their help!

  • Airgie (Bigleaf - North America)
  • AlenteFrost/AlenteThief (Hornbeam - Europe)
  • Allieta (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Alzack (Hornbeam - Europe)
  • BearHands (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Berserker (Hornbeam - Europe)
  • BootyBlast (Bigleaf - North America)
  • CarryionWiz (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Danmaku (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Dean (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Finesse (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Kaleo (Bigleaf - North America)
  • KewlBeanz (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Lutias (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Mojko (Hornbeam - Europe)
  • NewBerry (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Noodlebowl (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Rhykiras (Hornbeam - Europe)
  • Schizonoid (Bigleaf - North America)
  • Vriska (Bigleaf - North America)

Once again, a big thanks to everyone that gave us feedback throughout Closed Beta 1! We're aiming to make MapleStory 2 the best game possible, and we couldn't do it without you!