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[Update Aug 28] Mushking Pre-Season Known Issues

We are aware of the following important issues in MapleStory 2 and Mushking Royale:

  • The Blockade and Arcane Orb abilities are interacting in an unexpected manner.
  • Players can leave a match without incurring penalties. As this is an exploit that may affect placement towards Pre-Season rewards, we strongly recommend that you not attempt to exploit it. The issue is currently under investigation and a fix will be provided shortly.
  • If you claim Royale Rewards and then delete your character to create a new one, your Royale Level will be unchanged on your new character, but all rewards claimed by the now-deleted character will be unobtainable.
    • Update (Aug 28): While this is still present, we have added a Bank NPC to Royale Park, where your Royale Pass rewards can be stored and retrieved by a new character.

This post will be updated with additional information about these, or new, issues, and we will work to address these issues as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.