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Compensation for Euro Founder's Pack Purchases

As we noted earlier in the week, we have updated the conversion rates for Euros and Pounds Sterling (GBP) to better reflect the current international exchange rates. One consequence of this was that players who used Euros to purchase Founder's Packs in the last few months ended up spending notably more on the packages than we initially intended. The new Euro prices for Founder's Packs are:

  • Explorer Package: €21.73 (previously €24.99)
  • Master Package: €52.17 (previously €59.99)
  • Legendary Package: €86.95 (previously €99.99)

As a result, we will be giving those players that purchased Founder's Packs with Euros prior to September 27th an additional cache of Merets, based on the package that they purchased:

  • Explorer Package: 500 Merets
  • Master Package: 1,200 Merets
  • Legendary Package: 2,000 Merets

To receive this compensation, you must login to MapleStory 2 and claim your Founder's Pack on a region prior to November 30th. Once you do so, you will be awarded the bonus package of Merets on that server during the next maintenance after October 18th. Thank you for your purchases, and we hope that you enjoy the Head Start beginning October 1st.