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Producer Blog - Mapleopoly Event Compensation

Dear Maplers,

First let me start this blog by saying that we're super stoked to see the love and excitement coming from so many players right now with our Official Launch! It's been an awesome ride up to Official Launch and we plan to keep this wave going, thank you everyone!

After we opened the servers, our entire team kept close eyes all around and inside the game, to make sure we delivered the best experience to you. While doing so, we were able to identify one of the issues with our "Mapleopoly Event".

The root cause of this issue was that completing the board once gave you 15 Maple Coins, but rarely took more than that to complete a trip. Thanks to everyone who reported this in and we were able to replace the board completion reward to 3 Maple Mushroom potions in a relatively short time.

Please note that this event was fully designed and intended for anyone giving enough time to complete before Nov. 8, and we overshot the expected need by increasing the number of coins too high (thinking you'd also be busy doing all the other things MapleStory 2 can offer). Even without the board completion Maple Coins, the event is still achievable to complete to its end goal, getting the Fluttering Maple Set and Flying Maple Leaf. But to make the balance closer to norm and give a boost to everyone else who didn't get to play Mapleopoly before the adjustment, we'll be sending 150 Maple Coins to everyone who reaches Level 50 from now till the end of the event (once per account). And don't forget, Maple Coins and event rewards can be transferred to other characters on the same account through the in-game bank!

Because the events are designed around the end goal of getting the Fluttering Maple Set and Flying Maple Leaf in mind, we believe this compensation should aid everyone without requiring us to make any further changes to those who played Mapleopoly before the adjustment.

We're sorry for this launch day mishap and hope this doesn't hinder your experience with MapleStory 2. We're also very busy at work making sure all the other issues reported are being looked at and be addressed/fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for playing MapleStory2!