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Producer Blog - Recent Incident With our Staff

Dear Maplers,

Today, we would like to briefly discuss an incident we have identified of which players might not be aware. Since our policy is to be transparent with the community, we have decided to share this information we have identified that could potentially impact the game with the MapleStory 2 community.

After the game's Head Start, the MapleStory 2 studio and Nexon America team set up a monitoring process to ensure none of our systems, including GM/admin power, get abused on the live server. During the regular monitoring process, we identified abnormal activities on some of the accounts and found that an internal staff member had been using live test accounts with GM power to benefit their personal account. Also, we learned a few other accounts had been getting support as well.

The following activities have been identified:

  • Resetting the dungeon count for their personal account to progress faster
  • Creating and dropping certain items to increase gear score faster
  • Purchasing their own UGC with test Merets
  • Doing dungeon runs with others up to 10 times per day per character (no reset for the count)
  • With GM power, clearing dungeons for others within a few seconds

As a result of our thorough investigation, we have taken the strongest possible measures towards the identified staff, and have blocked their identified personal accounts, to ensure the game’s integrity. We have also identified a small number of other accounts with abnormal dungeon runs and blocked those accounts for the illegal activity. We did not find any sign of these accounts impacting the in-game economy.

We do believe that being transparent with these kinds of incidents with the community is very important, and we assure you that our current monitoring process will continue to closely look for any potential issues. The monitoring process is not only for the staff here but for all accounts we have in the game, and we will continue to work hard to deliver the best for the game service.

Also, we promise to the community that we will continue to be transparent with these types of incidents which can potentially impact the game.

Jungsoo Lee