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Producer Blog - Mouse + Keyboard Fix

Dear Maplers,

After the Chaos Rising Update, we’ve been reading up on the latest feedback and some topics in particular caught our eyes. Today we are making a bug fix that can be addressed without a maintenance.

  • Mouse+Keyboard Interaction feature with mouse click will now only work with friendly NPCs excluding hostile ones. With this change, you will no longer be “holding on” to the bosses when your mouse clicks on them.

These changes are included in a small client patch, which will be downloaded the next time you launch MapleStory 2. We are also working on a fix for the Dark Descent rankings, and may have a fix for that issue soon.

To elaborate a little more on the controls, we’ve been looking for ways to improve the Mouse+Keyboard control and this was a simple improvement that we could quickly deploy. We aren’t planning to stop working on this feature and we’d love to get more input from you for future changes. Give us a shout of what you’d like to see (or “Like” the posts you think would be great change) on this thread in the Official Forums and we’ll make sure to review them with the MapleStory 2 Dev studio.

We haven’t forgotten your other feedback either. These changes were what we could do right now without risking additional problems, and we will be on the lookout for more feedback to address. Last but not least, a round of cheers to those who were brave enough to challenge Devorak or Captain Moc and kudos to those who were strong enough to bring ’em down!