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Pet Skin Badge Animation Issue

Updated Feb. 20: Clarified that Blue Meret refunds will be for the Pet Crafting Scroll or Pet Skin Badges.

Hi Maplers,

With the recent release of the Pet Skin Crafting Scroll on Jan. 31, 2019, numerous players have reported that a pet's attack speed can change after equipping the Pet Skin Badge.

After careful review of this issue, we found that the animations of the pet can potentially impact the speed in which a pet attacks. Unfortunately, this isn't something that can easily be fixed, as standardizing the animations of all pets could create other side effects.

As a result, we will be updating the item descriptions of both the Pet Skin Crafting Scrolls and the Pet Skin Badge to properly reflect that the pet skin's animations could impact the pet's attack speed. Additionally, we will be offering refunds for the Pet Crafting Scroll or Pet Skin Badge in Blue Merets for those who submitted a ticket through our Customer Support and have purchased the Pet Skin Crafting Scroll between Jan. 31, 2019 and when we update the item description (which we expect to deploy on Feb. 28, 2019).

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.