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[Update Apr. 26] Progression Improvement Update


Update Apr. 26: Early this morning, we deployed a server-side fix to resolve lag and latency issues on all servers, as well as an issue causing incorrect SP regeneration. Thank you for your patience.

Update Apr. 24: Edits have been made to this post to clarify some points that may have been misunderstood or miscommunicated. Please look for "(Updated Apr. 24)" mark to find corrected info.

The final update for Project New Leaf is here, and the theme for this month's improvements is "100%". We've taken a hard look at many of the progression systems in MapleStory 2 and focused on guaranteeing improvements to your gear as much as possible, be it through Peachy's Enchantments, getting new Gemstones or unlocking the sockets to slot them in.

A Note on Project New Leaf

Project New Leaf was meant to envision changes to the game by projecting the thoughts and ideas of our players straight to the whiteboard. It's thanks to you all, our community, that we managed to properly address so many of MapleStory 2's pain points. Through the last three months, we've used your feedback to heavily scale back Fairfight, minimize meso sinks, make Epic pets easier to obtain and so much more.

The foundation set by Project New Leaf will define how we move forward: Listening to you, our players, and using your feedback and perspective in order to make MapleStory 2 the best game that it can possibly be. This may be the final update for Project New Leaf, but it is only the beginning of our efforts to fully grasp the potential that this unique MMORPG has, and we look forward to hearing your feedback for the months to come.

Peachy Enchantment Improvements

MapleStory 2 features two methods of enchanting your gear: Peachy, who offers guaranteed enchantment success at a high price, and Ophelia, who offers a chance of successful enchantment at a lower cost. In the past, however, Ophelia's vastly cheaper enchantment attempts made her the only viable option for most players... but no more!

We've gone back to Peachy's Enchantments and rebalanced them for all types of gear, greatly reducing the amount of resources needed to enchant your gear to maximum power. You also won't need to hunt down Crystal Ore to enchant with Peachy, instead she'll use Duplicate Weapons in their stead! All told, you'll end up spending at least 70% fewer Onyx Crystals, Crystal Fragments and Chaos Onyx Crystals to enchant your gear all the way to +15 compared to Peachy's old system.

If you want to check out the full explanation behind the changes, take a peek at the Enchantment Changes Project New Leaf blog.

Example: Lv. 50 Legendary Main Hand and Two-Handed Weapons

Before the Progression Improvement Update

Enchant LevelReq. Enchant ChargesOnyx Crystal per Charge (Total)Chaos Onyx Crystal per Charge (Total)Crystal Fragment per Charge (Total)Crystal Ore per Charge (Total)
+0 → +1 1 1,604 20 200 0
+1 → +2 1 1,604 20 200 0
+2 → +3 1 1,604 20 200 0
+3 → +4 2 1,932 (3,864) 24 (48) 180 (360) 0
+4 → +5 2 2,040 (4,080) 24 (48) 180 (360) 0
+5 → +6 2 2,910 (5,820) 32 (64) 240 (480) 0
+6 → +7 4 2,022 (8,088) 32 (128) 180 (720) 0
+7 → +8 4 2,766 (11,064) 32 (128) 240 (960) 0
+8 → +9 4 3,816 (15,264) 32 (128) 340 (1,360) 0
+9 → +10 5 12,920 (64,600) 80 (400) 0 192 (960)
+10 → +11 10 14,850 (148,500) 80 (800) 0 384 (3,840)
+11 → +12 40 14,850 (594,000) 80 (3,200) 0 600 (24,000)
+12 → +13 40 14,850 (594,000) 80 (3,200) 0 800 (32,000)
+13 → +14 50 14,850 (742,500) 80 (4,000) 0 800 (40,000)
+14 → +15 100 14,850 (1,485,000) 80 (8,000) 0 1,000 (100,000)
Total Sum N/A 3,681,592 20,204 4,840 200,800

After the Progression Improvement Update

Enchant LevelReq. Enchant ChargesOnyx Crystals per Charge (Total)Chaos Onyx Crystals per Charge (Total)Crystal Fragments per Charge (Total)Duplicate Weapons per Charge (Total)
+0 → +1 1 1,604 20 200 0
+1 → +2 1 1,604 20 200 0
+2 → +3 1 1,604 20 200 0
+3 → +4 2 1,737 (3,474) 13 (26) 147 (297) 0
+4 → +5 2 1,833 (3,666) 13 (26) 156 (312) 0
+5 → +6 2 2,616 (5,232) 30 (60) 212 (424) 0
+6 → +7 4 1,812 (7,248) 17 (68) 150 (600) 0
+7 → +8 4 2,477 (9,908) 20 (80) 207 (828) 0
+8 → +9 4 3,398 (13,592) 24 (96) 287 (1,148) 0
+9 → +10 5 11,192 (55,960) 59 (295) 626 (3,130) 0
+10 → +11 3 24,138 (72,414) 127 (381) 1,561 (4,683) 2 (6)
+11 → +12 5 30,739 (153,695) 161 (805) 1,326 (6,630) 2 (10)
+12 → +13 5 36,733 (183,665) 193 (965) 1,584 (7,920) 3 (15)
+13 → +14 8 31,869 (254,952) 167 (1,336) 1,374 (10,992) 3 (24)
+14 → +15 8 38,919 (311,352) 204 (1,632) 1,678 (13,424) 4 (32)
Total Sum N/A 1,079,970 5,830 50,985 87

Again, these changes are being applied to all enchantable gear. And importantly...


With our next update, we'll unveil a way to turn all that Crystal Ore you've been saving up into valuable enchantment-related resources that you can use to keep the enchantments going. But for now, it's time to give Peachy some love!

Gemstone Changes

Gemstones are a powerful way to improve your gear... but previously a very costly one, especially once you get towards higher-end Gemstones. Even once you obtained all the materials, you needed to attempt an upgrade with a low chance of success. We've made a lot of changes to the Gemstone systems, making obtaining, upgrading and removing the stones smooth and simple!

Upgrading Gemstones

To get the best stats possible on your top-tier Accessories, you needed to upgrade your Gemstones... but even going up to Tier 2 only had a 25% chance of success, and it wasn't unknown to make dozens of attempts at upgrading a Gemstone from Tier 9 to Tier 10 and have nothing to show for it, burning through Dust and Crystal Fragments all the while.

With the Progression Improvement Update, we've decided to do away with the random number generator: Every single Gemstone Upgrade attempt now has a 100% chance of success! This also meant that we needed to rebalance the costs for each upgrade attempt, but don't fret: Gemstone Upgrades now cost ~80% the previous average costs to upgrade!

Gemstone Upgrade AttemptSuccess RateRequired Gem Dust #1
(Previous Avg Cost)
Required Gem Dust #2
(Previous Avg Cost)
Required Gem Dust #3
(Previous Avg Cost)
Required Crystal Fragments
(Previous Avg Cost)
1 → 2 100% 80 (400) 24 (120) 16 (80) 40 (200)
2 → 3 100% 100 (500) 30 (150) 22 (109) 68 (341)
3 → 4 100% 126 (632) 38 (189) 34 (168) 105 (526)
4 → 5 100% 163 (813) 49 (244) 55 (275) 156 (781)
5 → 6 100% 200 (1,000) 60 (300) 86 (429) 214 (1,071)
6 → 7 100% 267 (1,333) 80 (400) 133 (667) 292 (1,458)
7 → 8 100% 360 (1,800) 108 (540) 208 (1,040) 400 (2,000)
8 → 9 100% 444 (2,222) 133 (667) 293 (1,467) 500 (2,500)
9 → 10 100% 550 (2,750) 165 (825) 410 (2,050) 625 (3,125)

Combined with all the other changes we're making, it should take 80% less time to get yourself fully loaded up with Tier 10 Gemstones, so get a move on and grab all the Dust and Gemstones you need. And speaking of which...

Acquiring Gemstones and Dust

Before you can even start upgrading the Gemstones, you'll need to gather the materials... which wasn't always a simple proposition. Needing some more Red Gem Dust on your Knight, but only getting the Blue Dust that your Wizard needed was frustrating for many, but that's no longer the case!

With the Progression Improvement Update, Gemstone Boxes allow you to choose which Gemstone you want, instead of having you suffer the luck of the draw. Similarly, Gem Dust Boxes now let you choose what color of Gem Dust you want! Plus, going forward all Gemstones you get will be account-bound, to make it easier to get the materials you need for those elusive Tier 10 Gemstones!

There is some bad news, however: As a result of this and the improvements we made to upgrading Gemstones, we've elected to remove some sources of Gemstones and Dust:

  • Gemstone-related items will no longer be sold in the Treva Shop, and will no longer be obtainable from Daily Mission - Power Mission Box
  • Gemstone-related drops will no longer occur in Chaos Raid or Fortress Rumble clears
  • Rusted Keys will no longer drop from the game, meaning that keys to Abandoned Mine B1 and B4 will no longer drop (Updated Apr. 24)
    • Players with keys will still be able to use them to access the B1 and B4 dungeons until end of May (Updated Apr. 24)
    • Gemstones have been removed from the Abandoned Mine B1 and B4 dungeons (Updated Apr. 25)

We believe that the changes outlined above will more than make up for these removals, and you will still be able to obtain Gemstones and Dust in the following places:

  • Gemstone / Dust Selection Box: Allows you to choose the type of Gem or the color of Dust that you receive. Up to 30 Tier 1 Gemstones or 1,800 Dust per week from Hard Adventure Dungeons.
  • Gem Dust Selection Box: Allows you to choose the color of Dust that you receive. Up to 1,000 Dust per week from Stellar Glass, same as before, and up to 300 Dust per week from the Guild Gemstone Shop.

Gemstone Extraction Costs

The final change to Gemstones is simple and obvious: It really shouldn't cost you that much to remove your Gemstones when you get a brand-new accessory! As such, we've greatly slashed the cost of amount of Crystal Fragments needed to extract your Gemstones to nearly trivial amounts:

Gemstone TierRequired Crystal Fragments to Extract (Previous)Required Crystal Fragments to Extract (New)
Tier 1 200 10
Tier 2 500 12
Tier 3 1000 14
Tier 4 1700 16
Tier 5 2600 18
Tier 6 3700 20
Tier 7 5000 22
Tier 8 8000 24
Tier 9 11000 26
Tier 10 15000 28

If you want the full explanation behind all of the above, you can learn more at the Gemstone Project New Leaf blog. We hope that all of these changes will make it much simpler and easier to slot powerful Gemstones into your unlocked Accessory sockets... and yes, we have some good news there as well!

Accessory Socket Changes

Even just opening the sockets for your Gemstones had a chance of failure before and, to go along with all of the other changes, we've kicked out the RNG and adjusted the costs to compensate! It now will cost you a bit less now on average to unlock all three sockets, and you won't have to worry about a string of awful luck gobbling up your Crystal Fragments!

Lv. 50 Epic Accessory Socket Unlock Requirements

Socket being OpenedSuccess Rate
Crystals Fragments Cost
(Previous Avg)
Req. Accessory Catalyst
(Previous Avg)
Socket 1 100% (50%) 200 (400) 2 of the same accessories with 0 unlocked sockets (2)
Socket 2 100% (45%) 200 (444) 2 of the same accessories with 1 unlocked socket (2.22)
Socket 3 100% (40%) 200 (500) 2 of the same accessories with 2 unlocked sockets (2.5)

Find out more about the reasons behind these changes in the Accessory Project New Leaf blog.

Daily Mission and Weekly Prestige Rank Rewards

With this update, we felt it was important to reward play fully and equally, without trying to force players into too many activities that they had no interest in. One of the biggest culprits was Daily Missions, an excellent way to get the items and currency you needed to upgrade your equipment, but required you to do many tasks that many found uninteresting.

As such, we are removing Daily Missions in favor of a new, innovative strategy: Play how you want! Any activity in MapleStory 2 that provides experience also, once you hit Lv. 50, rewards Prestige Experience that increases your Prestige Rank. With the Progression Improvement Update, hitting those new Prestige Ranks will also come with a bonus prize for the first, second and fourth time you do so each week!

These Prestige Rank Reward Boxes contain the critical resources and currencies that made up the bulk of the Daily Mission rewards. While some special rewards from Daily Missions, such as Hairstyle Voucher and UGC Template Fragments, will not be in these new boxes, keep an eye out for them to show up in special events!

Item NameTier 1 Reward BoxTier 2 Reward BoxTier 3 Reward BoxTotal Rewards
Chaos Onyx Crystals (Account bound) 8 12 20 40
Onyx Crystals (Account bound) 4,800 9,600 14,400 28,800
Metacells (Account bound) 12 24 36 72
Colorful Crystal Boxes (Account bound) 2 3 5 10
Blue Stars (Character bound) 15 30 45 90
Rues (Character bound) 20 40 70 130

We're aware that mesos were a popular reward from the Daily Missions as well. To compensate for their loss, we're boosting the meso rewards from Normal and Hard Adventure Bonus Boxes by nearly double!

Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box Meso Changes at Lv. 60

Bonus BoxBeforeAfter
Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box (Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4) 191,250 Mesos 378,750 Mesos
Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box (Tier 5 and 6) 255,000 Mesos 505,000 Mesos
Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box (Tier 7 and 8) 382,500 Mesos 757,500 Mesos

You can learn more about the purpose behind these changes at the Daily Missions and Prestige Rank Project New Leaf blog.

Thank you for bearing with us throughout Project New Leaf! This is by no means the end of our efforts to improve MapleStory 2 and make it the best experience it could possibly be, but your help in telling us what needed improvement and where our changes were falling short have been a huge boon. Keep enjoying MapleStory 2, and we'll keep making it even better!

Patch Notes

  • Integrating Discord Rich Presence with MapleStory 2. See what your friends are up to in-game from Discord!
  • Former MapleStory 2 players that have not logged in since Jan. 31st have been offered a special Welcome Back Wonders, a Daily Wonders-style package that contains a variety of equipment and utility items to help them catch up and enjoy the improvements made with Project New Leaf.
  • Change of Gamepad Button images that are used in various in-game UIs.
  • Change of Gamepad Guide image in order not to suggest a certain brand.
  • Weekly mission rewards added to Prestige Level UI.
  • There is now a button in order to "accept all/complete all" Sky Fortress faction quests without needing to visit the ship (at last).
  • A new notification will appear above the health bar if you have an item with open sockets that can slot Gemstones that are currently being held.
  • Moon Rabbit will be removed from Queenstown as the Rainbow Roller Events come to a close.
  • The Abandoned Mine B1 & B4 dungeons will remain accessible for the next month. Chests will no longer drop Rusted Keys but you can still identify your remaining keys at Archaeologist Natalie in the meantime. These dungeons will continue to reward the same items while they remain open with the exception of Crystal Ore from B4.
    • Crystal Ore will also be removed from Normal/Hard Adventure Dungeon chests, main storyline quest rewards and the Havi Fruit Merchant
    • This month is your also last chance to obtain trophies related to the B1 and B4 treasure dungeons.
  • Trophy associated with Gemstone failures will be locked. If you have already unlocked it, you will keep it as legacy trophy. (Updated Apr. 24).
  • Trophy associated with Socket Unlock failures will be locked. If you have already unlocked it, you will keep it as legacy trophy. (Updated Apr. 24)
  • Prestige Rank 60 and above now reduce the fragment cost for unlocking sockets instead of increasing the odds of success:
    • Rank 60: 5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 90: 6.5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 120: 8% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 150: 9.5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 180: 11% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 210: 12.5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 240: 14% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 270: 15.5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 300: 17% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 330: 18.5% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost
    • Rank 360: 20% Reduced Crystal Fragments cost


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Get all of the info in the Retributors Sales post!

  • May Style Crate: New Style Crate and Coin Shop selections are here for May, including fashions with a super-heroic theme and for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo! You can check out the full list of items on the Style Crate Contents page.
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  • New Hairstyles: Men can now get the Casual Dandy Cut and Voluminous Parted Bangs, and women can get the Cutie Double Bun Hair and Lovely Rolling Permstyles.
  • New Faces: Hit up Dixon for either a delighted or subdued new face style, with the brand new Bright and Exhausted faces!

The Performance Improvement Update is here with a big event full of activities all across Maple World, double drops in Chaos Raids and a special gift for joining us on the first day after the patch!

Learn more in the May Stamp Events post!

  • May Stamp Tour: We've got lots to do! Whether you're new, returning, or a current player, fill out the stamp book to earn heaps of rewards ranging from useful resources, to a chocolate donut on your head, to a speedy flying toilet mount, to a grey cat full-body outfit!
  • Chaos Rumble Delight Event: Find the perfect weapon or armor piece twice as fast with double drops from Chaos Raids for a month, as well as continued double drops from Fortress Rumbles. It's a prime opportunity with your choice of Ophelia or Peachy now to enhance those items!
  • Update Day Hot Time Login Event: Log-in on patch day to earn yourself 7 days of Premium Club and Auto-Gathering.
  • Pet Appreciation Event: We're giving you a big reason to expand your menagerie: Up to 75,000 bonus Pet Experience each day by way of Polished Fusion Stones, awarded every time you successfully tame a pet!

Bug Fixes

  • The scrolling event banner has been corrected to reflect that only "Fortress Rumbles" have double rewards (instead of "Sky Fortress")
  • Viewing Infernog or Papulatus leaderboards no longer causes MapleStory 2 to crash
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat box to display all text with a Super-Chat highlight
  • Rolling Thunder's special attack now functions properly in the Premium Dungeon
  • Fixed a typo in the real estate forfeit agreement
  • Fixed a game pad issue that caused the LB+Left keybind to be used when the user pressed RB
  • Players riding mounts will now be dismounted when entering a house that doesn't allow mounts
  • Weapon particle effects now display properly when using Deluxe Cannon weapon skin
  • Summoner Latun's shield now ends at the proper time instead of remaining active for too long
  • Corrected Live Skills crafting text from "Daily Max: 1000" to "Max Batch Size: 1,000"
  • Changed Blueprint Warning Messages' font color to Red
  • Fixed a typo that showed an incorrect duration on the Static Flash tooltip. Note that this is only a text fix, functionality remains unchanged
  • When naming a house, a comma can no longer be used in the name
  • Fixed an issue that temporarily prevented item enchantment if the success rate was boosted to 100% before catalyst items were selected
  • Fixed a scenario that allowed pet summoning to cancel attack skill animations

Known Issues

  • Sometimes a Meret purchase will not be instantly delivered to the player's mailbox. When this occurs, returning to the character select screen and coming back will trigger the Meret delivery
  • Deep Sea Fashion trophy does not unlock after successfully fishing for an appropriate weapon skin
  • Binding "Action" to the Left or Right arrow keys will not function on Portals
  • Typo in Weak Point Analysis Tonic describes it as giving "+5% Piercing" when it should actually say "+5% Physical/Magic Piercing"
  • Queenstown mini-map still shows Ming Ming's shop, even though this event shop is no longer present
  • Players using game pad controls may experience erratic movement when under the effects of a movement slowing debuff
  • Being healed by a Healing Lapentier dismounts players (even if you have Safe Riding)