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Check out the June 13th Art Corner!

Welcome to the MapleStory 2 Art Corner! To celebrate the wonderful community that's helped to make Maple World such a vibrant, colorful place to be, we've decided to take this space to display some of our favorite fan art that we've gathered from you, our players! If you'd like to submit your own art, you can do so via this handy form.

Here are our favorite submissions this week ~ Please remember that the links to websites operated by third parties are not under the control, or endorsed by, Nexon and Nexon is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.

Artist: Cherrycake4
Character: Cherrycake4 of NA West
Twitter: @Cherrycake4
Website: http://www.cherrycake4.com

"After afking at the Beauty Salon day after day, I can't help but become closely acquainted with one of the cutest NPCs there is... Lolly!"

Artist: Fable
Character: Lesca of NA West
Twitter: @ChaosFable

"Rejan from the Runeblade storyline!"

Artist: Emeri
Character: Mynte of Europe
Twitter: @emmy94307590

"Maple has so many cute costumes, hairstyles and eyes, that I had to make a profile pic of my Char to use :>"

Artist: Kamikage
Character: Kamikage of Europe
Website: https://www.deviantart.com/kamikage5

"You were wondering who is the coolest Berzerker in EU? Well here you go! Its my first full colored digital artwork and I have a lot of fun, both playing with this character and drawing him too!"

Artist: Shelbies14
Character: Solista of NA East
Twitter: @taefork
Instagram: @shelbies14

"One of the nicest fellow guild mates I've ever known."

Artist: Rioio
Character: Rioio of NA West
Instagram: @pan_spray

"The striker is like, super cool, so like yea"