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CM Blog - Luceline’s Calamity & GM Events Moving Forward

Hello Maplers,

As you know, last weekend we held the first planned round of the GM event, Luceline’s Calamity, a short narrative designed to give purpose to spawning several world bosses for players to defeat in quick succession. This event had been held previously during last year’s Closed Beta. Reproducing the event in today’s MapleStory 2 proved unsuccessful, mainly due to the tremendous volume of players and the server’s inability to handle that much combat from that many players in a single place.

As such, after careful review of feedback provided by players, we have elected to cancel the remaining two weekends of Luceline’s Calamity. While many players reacted positively to the event’s primary objective of something new and refreshing that involved interaction with Nexon staff, the secondary objective to reinvigorate the process of world boss farming failed. Unfortunately, severe lag meant the event was barely playable and only by a few individuals who managed to stay ahead most of the time. We have decided that we will not employ mass-spawning events again in the foreseeable future.

As a courtesy to everyone who was looking forward to the event, we don’t want you to go empty-handed after getting starry-eyed and hopeful for colorful crystals! We will be sending a cache of 300 Colorful Crystal Selection Boxes to all of our players, once per account provided you have a character that's at least level 10.

The colorful crystals will be available after the maintenance on September 19 to the first character that is logged in via your mail. The selection boxes will be bind-to-account, so if you claim the crystals on the wrong character, please use the in-game bank system to move them to the intended character.

Thank you for providing valuable insight on what is and is not possible for these types of events.

We have found value in unique interactions between GMs and our community, and moving forward we will focus our efforts into smaller-scale GM events, which may often be spontaneous and unannounced. At the same time, we will continue improving our major content events, which is where the bulk of unique game rewards come from. You should expect to see more staff presence in Maple World moving forward!

There are a lot of fantastic ideas that both players and staff have had to create fun and exciting events. We look forward to what’s ahead!

Thank you for all of your earnest feedback, Maplers!

Faithfully your CM,