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Ducky Outfit Capsule Series 5

The Ducky Outfit Capsule is a regularly rotating list of thematic cosmetic outfits that you can obtain to show off your own unique style in MapleStory 2! Each ticket costs 150 Blue Merets and when used, brings up the capsule machine for you to spin. The Ducky Outfit Capsule's contents rotate on the 1st and 15th of every month at UTC time.

If you obtain an item that you don't like or an extra of something you've already received, you can dismantle it for 1 Series Coin which you can double-click in your Currency tab to bring you to a shop where you can spend your coins at the associated Series Coins Shop! Double-clicking the coin will always bring you to the specific shop it came from, even after the list of available items from the capsule changes.

Below is the full list of items available from the Ducky Outfit Capsule Series 5, along with their rates. Note that you will receive the item specifically for the gender of your current character:

Ducky Capsule ItemQualityType% RateSeries Coins
Cotton Candy Star Earrings Epic Earrings 1.90% 32
Cotton Candy Bunny Sleep Mask Epic Headgear 1.60% 34
Cotton Candy Star Ring Epic Gloves 1.70% 33
Cotton Candy Unicorn Slippers Epic Shoes 1.70% 33
Cotton Candy Happy Moon Cape Epic Capes 1.60% 34
Cotton Candy Pajama Suit Epic Full Body Outfit 1.50% 35
Gothic Bejeweled Earrings Epic Earrings 3.00% 27
Gothic Lace Hat Epic Headgear 2.30% 29
Archangel Crystal Ring Epic Gloves 3.00% 27
Gothic Formal Shoes Epic Shoes 2.50% 28
Archangel Half-Wings Epic Capes 2.20% 30
Gothic Ribbon Laced Coat/Dress Epic Full Body Outfit 2.00% 31
Earthly Model Student Eyes Exceptional Facewear 4.00% 25
Earthly Textbook Hat Exceptional Headgear 4.00% 25
Earthly Pencil Ring Exceptional Gloves 4.40% 24
Earthly Student Shoes Exceptional Shoes 4.40% 24
Earthly Neat Uniform Exceptional Full Body Outfit 3.20% 26
Cat-Ear Eye Patch Common Facewear 6.84% 4
Cute White Fox Ears Common Headgear 6.88% 4
White Fox Triple-Tail Common Capes 6.88% 4
Checked Jacket Skinny Jeans Common Full Body Outfit 6.88% 4
Rebel Bunny Ears Common Headgear 6.88% 4
Rebel Bunny Band Common Gloves 6.88% 4
Rebel Bunny Shoes Common Shoes 6.88% 4
Rebel Bunny Shorts/Dress Common Full Body Outfit 6.88% 4